The Best Cheap House And Land Packages Adelaide

There is no doubt that there is a real lack of affordable homes, especially for first home buyers. At Fairmont First, we want nothing more than to make the Aussie home more affordable for more people, which is why we proudly offer a range of cheap house and land packages Adelaide wide.

Take The First Step Towards Your New Home

With a Fairmont First home and land package, you can take advantage of the fastest, most seamless way to own your dream home. And there are many more benefits that come from building your home through cheap house and land packages Adelaide. Building a home through a house and land package means you save time and money by not having to buy the land, before then having to go through the design process and sourcing a good builder to build your home. That means less paperwork, and as a first home builder, you may also be able to save more with government grants and lower fees. Also, by utilising a package deal, you already have the recommended home design that will best suit the size and shape of the land. At Fairmont First, we offer affordable packages across a range of block sizes and design styles, so you are sure to find a package that suits your budget, in the location that you desire most.

Financing Your Build Is Easy With Fairmont First

We understand that one of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to building a new home, is cost. That is why we help you to get your finance sorted out first, so you can move on with choosing your package. Our team will put you in touch with Homeward Finance. As the leader in construction finance, they are not affiliated with any particular bank. Instead, they will look at your needs and desires, and help you to choose the right option from over 60 different lenders. That is the hard part, and once it is all done, a dedicated Fairmont First consultant will be able to help you look through our exceptional yet cheap house and land packages Adelaide, and find the one that suits your needs.

Bring Your Dream Home To Life

If you have been thinking about buying a home, you would be crazy not to consider a house and land package. We have had many families come to Fairmont First looking for a solution, and they have loved just how straightforward and more economical the whole process is. Our team always works closely with clients to select the best package that will bring their dream home to fruition. So, stop thinking about it, contact us today and we would love to show you the cheap house and land packages Adelaide, currently available.